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BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS  An interactive workshop that incorporates innovative improvisation and expressive arts exercises to;  A) celebrate multicultural and disability inclusion, awareness and sensitivity  B)  teach respectful disability language  C) encourage self-acceptance, empathy and understanding of others’ differences and commonalities D) supports self-expression, critical thinking and team-building skills.  K-5TH Grade

TAKING A STAND- An interactive workshop that incorporates improvisation and expressive arts exercises to A) experientially examine The Disability Civil Rights Movement, important leaders and landmark events B) teach respectful disability language C) draw parallels between The Disability Civil Rights Movement and other civil rights movements. D) encourage empathy, understanding of others differences and commonalities E) supports, self-expression, critical thinking, and team-building skills.   6th Grade–High School


D.A.R.E. T.O. D.R.E.A.M. YOUR POSSIBLE DREAM: 11 TOOLS TO CONSIDER WHEN DREAMING YOUR POSSIBLE DREAM Taking the phrase DARE TO DREAM, Diana created an acronym where she shares 11 powerful tools to consider for setting and achieving goals. During this interactive workshop, expressive arts exercises are incorporated to; A) supports future thinking and goal setting.  B) encourages self-expression and critical thinking C) encourages empathy, understanding and supporting others.  **Can Also Be Presented As A Motivational Keynote Or Commencement Address   5th Grade– High School


MAKING GIGGLE COOKIES, LAUGHING SHAKES AND OTHER SILLY THINGS An interactive workshop using improvisation exercises, theater games, and play. No acting experience necessary. A unique and fun approach to support; A) self-expression B) team building and collaboration, C) listening and communication skills D) support strengthening of social, emotional and cognitive skills. K-5th Grade                                                                          


WHAT’S UP?- Same As Above  For 6th- High School 6th Grade- High School.

                           THE MENU

     (Creating “Nourishment Through Performances & The Expressive Arts)


                                YOUTH PROGRAMS

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