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                              THE MENU

  (Creating “Nourishment” Through Performances & The Expressive Arts)

              "Don't Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Expand It." DEJ

    FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION FOR YOUR NEXT: Conference Break Out Session, Retreat, Staff Training, Lunch & Learn, Diversity & Disability Inclusion Celebration



 RECALCULATING: 11 STRATEGIES TO CONSIDER WHEN LAUNCHING A BRAND NEW DREAM-During this interactive workshop, Diana shares 11 powerful strategies to support goal setting and the launch of a new dream combined with performances, sharing of her personal stories, and expressive arts activities.

 ,                                                                                                              NAVIGATING LIFE'S ROADBLOCKS, TRAFFIC JAMS, AND ANNOYING POTHOLES: "ROAD RULES" TO CONSIDER WHEN LIFE TAKES AN UNEXPECTED DETOUR- Combing her unique blend of compassion, humor, and honesty, Diana shares 10 powerful tools cultivating resiliency and coping with triumphing over adversity through powerful performances, her personal stories, expressive arts strategies, and exercises.                                                                                                             

COFFEE BREAK CHILL (STRENGTHEN YOUR TEAM'S CONNECTION THROUGH THE POWER OF IMPROVISATION)-An interactive workshop using improvisation exercises, storytelling, theater games and play. Diana Elizabeth Jordan brings her over 30 years of experience as an artist educator to create a customized interactive workshop to support your staff in building collaboration, communication, listening, self-expression, stress reduction and team-building skills.

THE SILLY SOULFUL SPA- An interactive expressive arts workshop designed specifically for busy women (female identifying) entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs  and business owners. Diana brings her 30 plus years as an artist educator to this workshops designed to use improvisation and other theater games to support self expression, stress reduction, the power of self acceptance and love.




All  Workshops Are Custom Designed To Be Aligned With Event Goals And Objectives And Can Be Adjusted For Length, Content & Performance Space. 

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