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Ms. Jordan embodies the part in Watch Your Head and her joy in acting is evident in her performance.  I can imagine her role as an inspirational keynote speaker/performer or as an educator. 

Mimi Savage PhD, RDT Former  SoCal NADTA Chapter President

The best part of the event was listening to Diana speak She is an unbelievable speaker. Her drive has driven me to do bigger things than I already am.     

Patrick Osman International Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer, Author


When I saw Diana speak, she just blew me away with her passion, her heart. She is not good, not great, she is phenomenal. 

Greg Walker Speaker, Success Coach, Entrepreneur


Diana's story is a gamechanger and you don't want to miss it 

Rosena Cloquitt-Flynn  CEO Positivity Chronicles


Diana's story blew me away. She had me in tears. She's powerful.

Mark Minard- Speaker, CEO Dreamshine, Executive



Diana came to my class and gave a performanc

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