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 (Creating “Nourishment” Through Performances & The Expressive Arts)


For Your Consideration, An Innovative Alternative To A Traditional Keynote Address For Your Next Conference, Retreat, Lunch & Learn, Special Event

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” —             Confucius

WATCH YOUR HEAD – Diana Elizabeth Jordan portrays ”Actress” in this signature solo piece written by (Lynda Rodriquez ( and directed by Paul Kampf, a one-woman show about an actress’s heartbreaking and hilarious journey of Re-Discovery and Self-Acceptance following a brain hemorrhage.**One Person Show

HAPPILY EVER AFTER-One Woman's Journey To Find A True Love

Written & Developed By Diana Elizabeth Jordan, directed by Paul Kampf **One Person Show

Diana shares her poignant and personal journey of searching for a lasting true love and her discovery that a true love was closer to her than she ever realized. **One Person Show

 This award winning show received an Encore Award at the 2021 Hollywood Fringe Festival        

CLIMBING THE CHRYSTAL STAIRCASE  A STORYTELLING CONCERT (Celebrating Resiliency Through Poetry, Monologues & Stories )   Combining a combination of monologues, poetry ( by writers such as Langston Hughes, August Wilson, Jane Anderson, Pascal Johnson and others)  and personal stories, Diana celebrates the power of resiliency, triumphing over adversity  and the power of the human spirit  we face our fears, feel our fears, accept our disappointments, take a deep breath and move forward anyway

.** Presented As A Spoken Word Concert.

ADVENTURES ON THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED BY A JOURNEY IN PROGRESS-( A Conversation With Diana Elizabeth Jordan)  Presented in an interview-style format with a selected on-site or event moderator/ host, Diana shares with audiences the triumphs and challenges of her personal and professional journeys  (ranging from the joys and challenges of pursuing her acting career, to being mainstreamed, to her commitment to activism and the joy of walking on red carpets) and how she continues to create her own paths to make her dreams come true..   


**The Performances can be followed by a Q&A with Diana Elizabeth Jordan where she shares her personal journey of cultivating resiliency and her signature “10 Tools To Consider When Cultivating Resiliency” which are included a chapter in the new book Healing Our Sisters by Janine Conway. Ms. Jordan is a contributing writer for the book. All performances can be adjusted for length and content.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” — Confucius

All Shows, Performance Lectures And Workshops Are Custom Designed To Be Aligned With Event Goals And Objectives And Can Be Adjusted For Length, Content & Performance Space.  Custom Designed Packages Also Available

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