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Diana Elizabeth Jordan MFA, Founder/Chief Creative Artivist

(Actor*Solo Artist*Theater &Filmmaker*Disability &IDEA Influencer*Artist Educator)

 (Actor/Solo Artist/Theater& Filmmaker/Artist Educator/DEIA Consultant, Disability Influen

Diana is a living example of triumphing over adversity and cultivating resiliency. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy (which mildly affects her speech and gait) around age 2, she grew up with a tenacious determination to be resilient when faced with disappointment and not to let adversity stand in the way of achieving her dreams. Diana was the first actress with a disability to obtain a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from California State University Long Beach. She also holds certificates in Occupational Therapy (University of Kansas), Social Emotional Arts ( UCLA). As an award-winning actress, she has been cast in over 60 plays, film, television, including CBS's S.W.A.T.  She was recently one of 20 artists selected from nearly 7,000 for the inaugural Warner Media Discovery Talent Access Showcase. Diana is a member of SAG-AFTRA Diana is also an award-nominated director and producer. 

As an award winning solo artist, Diana creates and performs one woman shows, storytelling concerts and performance lectures which she offers as a dynamic alternative to a traditional keynote address.  Her award  winning solo show Happily Ever After ( One Woman's Journey To Find A True Love) won rave reviews at the 2021 Hollywood Fringe Festival. She is also the  founder of the production company Dreaming Big On A Swing Entertainment.

Diana has been featured on numerous podcasts and has been on guest panels ranging from disability inclusion and equity to colorism.  She serves on SAG-AFTRA's National Performers With Disabilities Committee, 

The Divas With Disabilities Committee and is one of the Disabled Advocates for the Women Of Color Unite JTC List and was recently featured in Forbes Women &  Ability Magazine. 

Diana's passion for the transformative power of the arts inspired her to combine her artistic talents The Rainbow Butterfly Cafe an Edutainment Production Company & Consulting Company.  Since launching in 2015 Diana has facilitated Disability DEIA workshops , performed her solo shows for conferences, colleges, schools and corporations.

Whether portraying a character in one of her solo shows, sharing a personal story or facilitating a workshop Diana touches the hearts of audiences with her humor, creativity, vulnerability and honesty.     

Image- A black woman wearing a rust dress

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